For issues with frame rates you can try the following

1) GPU
2) Hard drive types/speed

If you see issues with games run this command on the drive in command prompt 
sfc /scannow 

Check to make sure Windows doesn't have any corrupt files

If it does, we recommend a reset or factory restore 

******Make sure to back up your files before hand*******

See factory restore KBA:

GPU benchmark
Run this to determine graphics card is having an issue

3) Set up Windows 10 for optimized settings for gaming 

4) Disable background Apps

Make sure this is toggled off

***Only do #5 If you're okay with disabling those overlays***

5) Turn off Game Mode, turn off all overlays, including the NVIDIA Experience overlay, Discord, and turn off G-Sync in your NVIDIA Control Panel.

If you've ran these tests and settings, confirmed everything checks out on both GPU and hard drives, but you're still having game performance issues please give us a call.

305-971-1000 or 1 (877) 674-4460  TOLL FREE