1)Install any antennas that may have come with the system

2)Check your drivers with us (Call us 305-971-1000, 1-877-674-4460 for International,  or e-mail support@originpc.com)
3)Restart your computer

4)Make sure nothing is obstructing the connection between the router and your computer (microwaves, or any devices that emit RF interference)

5)Restart the router by unplugging the power cord and reconnecting the coax cable if you have one

6)Have the router reset by your ISP, have them ping it to see if it is having trouble and also call to ask if there are any issues in your area

7)Check to see if your router and/or computer may be in an area where signal may be hard to reach (a basement for example) Try using it in a higher area.  Rooms with higher elevations can usually have better signal strength. Upstairs rooms for example. 

8)Make sure to avoid using a VPN connection when connecting to Wi-Fi

9)Turn off any virtual machines

10)Sometimes many devices may throttle the network, make sure to limit the number of devices connected

11)If you're still having issues with the router after that, you can also try a Windows Network reset