To download DDU Go to this link: 

Once you have completed the download process, opening the file will present you a option to Extract the files to a Folder, go ahead and do so to a location of your choice, and try to place it in a folder by itself to prevent cluttered and mixed up files. With extraction finished, use the File Explorer to go to the folder where you extracted the contents of DDU. The image below will help you identify which file to launch the DDU program, which is the "Display Driver Uninstaller.exe", go ahead and open that file. 

The next box that will usually appear is the following. DDU recommends the best way to cleanly uninstall your GPU driver is by using the program in Windows Safe Mode, a mode that only launches the most essential Windows services and processes to run Windows on your computer. See the warning in red in the image below? To enter Windows Safe Mode, you need to know the Password of your Windows account login, NOT the PIN. If you use a PIN, usually about a 4-8 numerical set to login to your Desktop, that is not your Password. Do not launch Windows into Safe Mode without knowing your password as you will be unable to login until you put that password in. 

While its recommended to use DDU in Safe Mode, you can also use it normally in Windows, however DDU recommends you run it twice before installing the new drivers. The image below shows you the main screen of DDU, that you will be using. Before proceeding with the Cleaning process, go to the red circled "Options" and click it, as we need to ensure the settings are ready for cleaning.

The image below provides the recommended configuration we would like you to set up.

With the settings configured, please Close the settings box, and look to the image below. Now, if you chose to go to Safe Mode to perform the DDU cleaning operation, your desktop should look similar to the image below. Whatever mode its in, our next step is to go the drop-down menus circled in red, go to the first one called "Select Device Type" and choose GPU. If you have a Nvidia GPU, choose Nvidia, if you have a AMD GPU, choose AMD. If you have a laptop, usually you will have two GPUs technically enabled, the Intel iGPU that is on the CPU, and the dGPU Nvidia chip. Despite technically having two, you only need to clean the Nvidia driver.

Once you have set which GPU driver to uninstall, the image below shows you how the program window might look. For the final step, if you are installing a new graphics card, choose the "Clean and Shutdown" option, and once the computer shuts down, remove the original GPU and install the new one. If you simply need to uninstall and reinstall the driver, choose "Clean and Restart". 

Once the computer finishes and restarts, depending on your GPU manufacturer, go to the following sites to download and install their latest driver for your system. If you have any questions, concerns or issues, contact our Technical Support staff for assistance.