1. Under the Advanced menu, configure the SATA to [RAID Mode]. 

2. Under the Boot/CSM section, set [Boot from Storage Device] from [Legacy OpROM First] to [UEFI Driver First], then press the “F10” key to save and exit. 

3. Upon the next POST, re-enter the BIOS again, then you will see the following differences in BIOS options:

  • For X series, you will normally find the [Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology] menu under the Advanced menu, which did not show up before.

  • For Z series, just press the right key from the [Tool] tab and you will reveal additional UEFI options:

• Now make the desired changes. You can create either create RAID volumes: 

• Or delete them: 

• Or check the drive status: 

After everything is done, press F10 to save and exit.