These are the buttons located on top of the Genesis/Millennium chassis. From left to right are four buttons above the four USB 3.0 ports, they each have a different function. The button listed with "R" is the Reset button, this button should only be used during emergency situations such as a system that is stuck and does not respond to any inputs. Moving past the audio ports, you will find the Fan Mode button, shown as "FM", which it is toggle-able. The FM button has two modes, Fan Mode and LED Mode, it can switch between the two functions controlling the fans or the LED lights. The Fan ControlĀ button can be used to raise or lower either mode, such as brightness on lights or fan speed, the "FC" is a dial button that can be spun in either direction. Last, we have the general Power button, shown with the regular power icon, which is used to power on the system from an off state. Holding the power button while on will turn off the system but it is not recommended, please power the system off normally using the regular method of the shutdown command in Windows.

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