Here's an instructional video guide in order to go through the clean installation process. 

Instructional Video Guide

Windows 10

Installation Guide:

USB Installation software:

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If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Additional instructional videos;
How to create Windows 10 USB install drive:
How to install Windows 10 using install USB:

Insert the USB into a 2.0 USB port if available if not a 3.0 will work and restart the system, as soon as it powers up

Press F7 or F11(EVO) on boot for a notebook

Press F8 on boot for Desktops with an ASUS motherboard

Press F11 on boot for Desktops with an MSI or Asrock motherboard

Press F12 on boot for Desktops with an Gigabyte motherboard

Press ESC on boot for Desktops with an EVGA motherboard

Also, please make sure you have connected Windows 10 with a Microsoft Account.

Once you have your new system up and running, please make sure to link an existing Microsoft account to your Windows Digital key. The original method of using stickers with genuine keys has become obsolete, now the keys are digitally signed to the hardware but you can bind it to your account, in case you ever need to reactivate Windows. The link below contains the guide for adding an account and reactivating Windows.