Remote Control

If the remote control doesn't respond, the battery may need replacement. Make sure the IR sensor is not obstructed and that you are pointing directly at the IR sensor on the system, shown in the picture (green arrow) below. A test video has been provided showing where it responds, the range of the signal is within arms reach of the system. Test Video

"Can't access board" message

This message may appear due to a corruption with Sentinel or a cable has become disconnected. Please check that this cable is connected on the motherboard. Refer to your motherboard manual for exact locations of the port. Another side effect is devices not communicating on the front USB ports.

If not, you may need to remove the Sentinel application. You can follow the instructions below in order to complete the process. 

Note: Requires latest version of Java to be installed prior to installing Sentinel.

Uninstall the previous version of Sentinel:

1. Remove the Sentinel.exe task from the Task Scheduler in the Control Panel, located in Control Panel\Administrative tools\Task Scheduler section and restart the computer.
2. Delete the Sentinel folder from C:\Program Files\ folder. (old revision location under C:\ProgramData\) and restart the computer again.

3. Re-install the Sentinel application as administrator, located here: (must be extracted first after downloading). Restart the system again.

Should the application ever fail again, you can just run the Recover Sentinel shortcut and it will reinstall the application. If you're still seeing the message afterward, it may due to the task in the Task Scheduler, you may need to add a 5-10 second delay on startup if necessary, see below.

Task Scheduler

If neither of these work, there may be an issue with Windows 10's registry and a clean installation of Windows should resolve the issue. If you still need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.