1. With the PC or notebook powered off plug in the USB Flash drive. Turn the system on and press (F8 for Asus motherboards, F11 for MSI motherboards, or F12 for Gigabyte motherboards) or (F7 for Eon 15X,17X, 17SLX, or F11 for Evo 15S notebooks) and select the Kingston USB Thumb drive.

2. When the USB device loads select Smart Backup

3. Click next on the Smart Backup Wizard

4. Click on Disks or Partitions

5. On what to back up select the following and then click next

6. On back up destination select Save data to local/network drives. You can also choose to Burn the data to CD, DVD, or BD

7. Choose the location of where you want the back up to go. The image can be saved to another hard drive location or can be saved onto the USB thumb drive overwriting the image that is already there. (If the image is over the size limit of the USB thumb drive the image cannot be stored) Create a name for the archive and click next.

8. Click on Backup Now and click next

When complete you will have the option of shutting down the PC or notebook. Shutdown the system, remove the thumb drive, and power the system back on and load into Windows.